Begin your battle against the Balor Fomorian The Grineer have completed construction of their ultimate warship, the Balor Fomorian. As Tenno, you must bring down this metal monstrosity, but you don’t have the necessary tools -- not yet. “The Balor Fomorians are

Investigate the Grineer’s biological experiments According to intercepted messages, the Grineer are experimenting with some sort of biological weapon. Details are sparse, but the messages originated from Mercury. Go there and find out what the Grineer are up to. “Additional test Marines

Wake up, Tenno The Grineer Queens have dispatched the ruthless Captain Vor to grow their empire. Part and parcel of his Mission is the elimination of you, the Tenno threat. Awaken from Cryosleep, rebuild the segments of your Orbiter, and free