Build the Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo to assemble a Railjack with the help of a new Cephalon! “Aboard this Railjack, we work before we play.” REQUIREMENTS Complete the Second Dream Quest.Construct the Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo.Complete the Railjack Cephalon

Lua’s secrets rarely stay buried for long. A foreboding vision leads the Tenno on a hunt for a savage Warframe. “Howl all you want, it won't bring him back.” REQUIREMENTS The Sacrifice is unlocked by completing the Apostasy Prologue. WHERE TO GO Begin the Sacrifice by

Reveal the mysteries behind an abandoned Steel Meridian ship and the horrors that lie within. Chains of Harrow is one of Warframe’s darkest Quests yet. Follow the source of a mysterious transmission to an abandoned Steel Meridian ship and learn more

Learn the truth of your past to shape your future As the follow up to The Second Dream, The War Within will take your Tenno on a journey to discover their origins and awaken to their true potential. “But the dreamers have

Learn more about the Lotus Strange drones on Uranus will shine a light on Warframe’s biggest mysteries, some of which are answered in this Quest and others remain to be discovered in the cinematic Quests beyond. “You want to know why they

Uncover the Mystery of Chroma Cephalon Simaris needs your assistance, Tenno. Simaris discovered a curious anomaly on Ceres and dispatched a team of Sentinels to investigate. The Sentinels did not return. It falls to you to investigate this anomaly. Are you

Track down a thief-for-hire and recover the Arcane Codices The Grineer are searching for the Arcane Codices, mysterious artifacts the Grineer hope will cure their clone defects. But their plans are ruined when a contracted thief named Maroo steals the last