Cryotic Farming

Cryotic is a special resource, available mainly in the Excavation game mode, and can also be acquired from Resource Caches.

Hieracon, Pluto

Hieracon is not only a great place to farm Cryotic, it is also a Dark Sector. This means that you will get an additional 35% bonus to resources, 30% more affinity and 25% bonus affinity from pistol kills too!

A great strategy for this map is to use Khora with a Pilfering Strangledome build. Pilfering Strangledome will give you a 65% chance for additional loot from enemies caught within the dome, this also applies to power cells so you shouldn’t run into any issues in that regard. It does not apply to Cryotic however. Smeeta Kavat’s double pickup/affinity Charm buff will also double Cryotic earnings, provided that the buff is active at the time an excavator finishes digging.

Don’t forget you can run 2 Strangledome’s at once, so if you get 2 excavator drops right near each other, you can mine twice at once. If you don’t have Khora than Limbo makes a great alternative here with his 2 and 4 abilities. Just bear in mind you wont get any additional loot from the strangledome.

It is also worth noting that Infested are primarily melee with little ranged damage to worry about, meaning they run into your Strangledome if you’re running Khora

Along with Hieracon, Valefor on Europa and Everest on Earth are also popular places to farm Cryotic.

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