Debt-Bonds are Resources used for various transactions in Solaris United, such as gaining standing and ranking up, trading for decorations, or gilding Kitguns and MOA Companions. There exists five types of Debt-Bonds.

  •  Training Debt-Bond – The Taxmen call it an investment in our future, but loans to cover vocational and specialist training almost always cost more than you’ll ever earn. Especially with the interest.
  •  Shelter Debt-Bond – Covers everything from hab rent to insurance, docking permits and paying off that rail tractor. Big ticket items.
  •  Medical Debt-Bond – To get work you need mods. Then you need more work to pay for the mods, so you get more mods. And here we are.
  •  Advances Debt-Bond – Sometimes a rig jockey needs a helping hand, so they get an advance on the next pay. Massive interest rates almost guarantee they’ll be paying that off forever.
  •  Familial Debt-Bond – Debts unpaid by one generation are passed down to the next. Working to pay them off is seen as something to be proud of. What choice do they have?

Debt-bonds may be acquired from finishing Bounties in Orb Vallis as part of the common reward pools. The following is the drop table for each Debt-Bonds, as well as the bounties they are obtainable from.

Debt-BondTierStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5
Training Debt-Bond x2Bounty 120.00%15.49%0.00%
Shelter Debt-Bond x2Bounty 220.00%14.81%0.00%
Medical Debt-Bond x2Bounty 320.00%12.50%12.50%0.00%
Advances Debt-Bond x2Bounty 419.35%14.81%14.81%13.19%0.00%
Familial Debt-Bond x2Bounty 525.00%16.67%16.67%14.29%0.00%


Debt-Bonds can also be earned by purchasing Solaris debts from Ticker.

  • Training and Shelter, the lower tiered debts, can usually be purchased with simply Credits in conjunction with a sizable amount of Starchart Resources, with an occasional trace of common local riches from the Orb Vallis, such as spores, gems and servofish parts.
  • MedicalAdvances and Familial, the higher tiered debts, may require significantly higher payout as well as a sizable amount of the local riches within the Orb Vallis.

Profit-Taker Orb

Upon killing the Profit-Taker Orb in Phase 4 of Heists, the boss will always drop 3 Medical, 2 Advances, and 1 Familial Debt-Bonds.

Rank Ups

Debt-Bonds are used as sacrifices to gain standing with Solaris United.

Title Training Debt-Bond Shelter Debt-Bond Medical Debt-Bond Advances Debt-Bond Familial Debt-Bond
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