Baro Ki’Teer, also known as the Void Trader, is a character known for his love of the exotic and the luxurious, especially those involving the Orokin Void. He involves himself with the Tenno by selling various rare artifacts and valuable items unavailable anywhere else.

This page is manually updated upon each visit from the void trader.
Last Update: 29 January, 2021

JANUARY 29 2021 – JANUARY 31 2021- Larunda Relay on Mercury
3 Day Affinity Booster450250,000
Elixis Latron Pistol Skin400215,000
Glaring Emblem5050,000
Harkonar Wraith Arm Armor350150,000
Harkonar Wraith Chest Armor350250,000
Harkonar Wraith Cloak400500,000
Harkonar Wraith Leg Armor350150,000
Hydroid Immortal Skin550100,000
Ki’Teer Sentinel Mask500200,000
Ki’Teer Sentinel Tail400250,000
Ki’Teer Sentinel Wings400250,000
Ki’Teer Solo Earpiece250250,000
Pedestal Umbra01,000,000
Primed Pressure Point385300,000
Primed Smite Corpus350140,000
Primed Smite Corrupted350140,000
Primed Smite Grineer350140,000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint10025,000
Vulkar Wraith450300,000
Prisma Yamako Syandana400250,000
Machete Wraith410250,000

JANUARY 15 2021 – JANUARY 17 2021 – Strata Relay on Earth
Axi A5 Relic12555,000
Axi V8 Relic12555,000
Deimos Jugulus Prex75100,000
Deimos Lobotriscid Prex75100,000
Diriga Desert-Camo Skin225100,000
Ki’Teer Arrow Skin375300,000
Ki’Teer Razza Syandana400350,000
Ki’Teer Sekhara400200,000
Ki’Teer Tribute Glyph8050,000
Mirage Immortal Skin550100,000
Primed Animal Instinct300200,000
Primed Morphic Transformer350150,000
Primed Reach300220,000
Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel350175,000
Prisma Avia Ankle Plate225175,000
Prisma Avia Chest Plate250220,000
Prisma Avia Shoulder Plate300200,000
Prisma Lotus Glyph8050,000
Prisma Tetra40050,000
Redeemer Elixis Skin325250,000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint10025,000
Supra Vandal500275,000
Taxon Desert-Camo Skin200150,000
Vez Luxxum Ornament100100,000
Tenno Kindred Rug225100,000

JANUARY 1 2021 – JANUARY 3 2021 – Orcus Relay on Pluto
Twin Snakes Glyph8050,000
Primed Fast Hands375120,000
Primed Pack Leader300200,000
Primed Point Blank300110,000
Primed Regen300220,000
Ki’Teer Razza Synadana400350,000
5x Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specter10040,000
Ki’Teer Foros Chest Plate175200,000
Ki’Teer Foros Leg Plates225150,000
Ki’Teer Foros Shoulder Plates310100,000
Prisma Grakata610100,000
Prisma Kavat Glyph8050,000
Mantis Prisma Skin230375,000
Prisma Companion Poster90110,000
Inaros Tomb Scene325175,000
Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor400175,000
Twin Grakata Towsun Skin300300,000
Machete Syachid Skin375300,000
3 Day Resource Booster400150,000
3 Day Credit Booster35075,000
Prisma Naberus220140,000
Prisma Kubrow Glyph8050,000
Ki’Teer Earpiece500400,000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint10025,000