Captain Vor

Vor’s Prize

Wake up, Tenno

The Grineer Queens have dispatched the ruthless Captain Vor to grow their empire. Part and parcel of his Mission is the elimination of you, the Tenno threat. Awaken from Cryosleep, rebuild the segments of your Orbiter, and free yourself from Vor’s clutches.

vor's prize

“For generations you’ve slept, no purpose, no cause to wake you. But now, something has risen from the ruins of the Old War” – Lotus


  • First Login

NOTE: If you skipped this Quest when the Quest System was introduced, it will be considered completed and will not affect future Quest unlocks.


Vor’s Prize sends you on a number of Missions across Earth as you raid Grineer settlements, factories and outposts in search of components and segments to repair your Orbiter. Make sure you check the Quest Tab in Navigation to see where you need to go next!


Remember to go to your Arsenal and upgrade your Warframe and Weapons with the Mods you receive to make yourself more powerful!


  • Go to the Arsenal in your Ship.
  • Choose your Weapon or Warframe, and select “Upgrade.”
  • Select the Mod you wish to equip, then select an open Mod Slot to equip it.

If you’re unsure how to Mod your equipment, use the Auto-Install feature by going to “Upgrade” then clicking “Actions” followed by “Auto-Install.” It’s a great way to get experience with the system and in no time you’ll be a master of Modding!

Captain Vor has placed an Ascaris device on your Warframe — technology specifically designed for capturing Tenno and their Warframes. To remove it, follow the steps below.


  • Retrieve the necessary segments (Communications, Foundry, and Mods) of your Orbiter
  • Craft the Ascaris Negator
  • Take down Vor to free yourself from the device once and for all!


  • One of three Starter Warframes (Excalibur, Volt, or Mag)
  • Starter Primary Weapon (MK1-Braton or MK1-Paris)
  • Starter Secondary Weapon (Lato or MK1-Kunai)
  • Starter Melee Weapon (Skana or MK1-Bo)
  • Orbiter Ship Segments
  • Flawed Mods
  • 25,000 Credits

Vor’s Prize is just the start of your exciting adventure in the Origin System, Tenno. Take your new-found powers and restore order to a chaotic Solar System! Your next objective is the Once Awake Quest!

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